Do you have the right fit? Double check this.. ;)

To ensure a great fit when ordering your t-shirt (or hoodie), be sure to consult the size charts (click HERE). Please note that the measurements listed are an average taken from several different tees, so the t-shirt you order may vary slightly. For the GOD TAUGHT ME tees + hoodies use the 'Men's Standard T-Shirt Size Chart' for both men and women. If you find that you are in between sizes after taking your measurements, we always recommend ordering the larger size for the best fit.  If you are purchasing for a child or young teenager, don't immediately think 'Youth' sizes.  Please double check your measurements (we experience many returns where the parent bought their child a 'Youth Medium' and it was too small and they really needed an 'Adult Small').  When it comes to hoodies, sizes are similar, however different people like different fits (some like their hoodies fitted, while others like them a little baggy)?  If you are getting this as a gift for someone, that's a good question to ask? If there are any special characteristics of a t-shirt (or hoodie) that alter it’s fit or feel, we always will note this on the product page. If you have any questions about t-shirt (or hoodie) sizing feel free to contact our customer service department at *CLICK HERE for sizes.